November 22, 2011

Dare to Dream - Make Money Doing What You Love

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Living in America, the land of the free, we are able to do whatever we want with our lives.  We are free to make choices that impact every aspect of our lives.  Financially speaking, we are free to make our living however we choose.  If we want to keep it simple, we can be an employee and work for somebody else our entire lives.  The choice is ours.  More importantly though, we are free to dream about one day starting our own business.  Just about everybody has this dream, but not everybody follows it.  Here in America, we have the freedom to be able to pursue our dreams.  We are free to succeed and we are free to fail.

Too many people open up, or purchase a business just for the money making potential.  Money isn’t everything.  You’ve got to love what you do or you will end up despising the business, the job and everything that goes along with it.  Even if the money part pans out, is it really worth it to hate your life for a few bucks?  And that is what owning a business is, it’s your life!  There is no such thing as a successful business owner who only works 40 hours per week.  Even if you’re not physically on site or performing business duties, your mind is constantly consumed with business details and worries.  If you start a business just for the money and hate the day to day operations, you are likely to fail.

We’ve all heard somebody say, “if only I had the money, I would open up a business doing.....(insert what they love).”  You may have even said this yourself.  Most people write off their idea because they think they need a huge sum of cash to get it started.  This is a crying shame.  There are plenty of ways to be creative and start a business from the ground up.  Start small and build slowly over time.

The most important thing you should consider when looking to start a business is, what do you love to do?  If you can figure out how to turn what you love into something of value to others, the money will find you.  This is the key, to not think about the money but rather think about the value of the product or service you wish to provide.  If it is something you are passionate about, it will show.  Your customers or clientele will notice your excitement about what you are providing.  Your positivity will glow and if you provide something of value, it will translate to money.

The trick is finding something of value that will appeal to many.  If you find something that you love, but it doesn’t appeal to many, that is what’s known as a hobby, not a business.  It is possible to make money from a hobby, which is fine, but we are talking about trying to make a living doing what you love.  The ultimate goal is to turn your hobby into a business.  After all, whoever took up a hobby doing something they didn’t enjoy?  That is what this is all about, figuring out how to turn a hobby into something of value to others.  However that may be, if you do this and help others in the process, the money will eventually find its way to you.

What are your hopes and dreams?  Which of your hobbies would you like to turn into a business?


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