March 11, 2012

Rambling Road: Savings and Daylight

Country Dawn
Regardless of what our clocks say, the sun is going to rise and set on it’s own schedule.  There is no more or less sunlight in a day just because we change our clocks.  (Pardon my rant here for a moment).  I’ve heard in the past that part of the reason for daylight savings was to benefit farmers.  Last I knew, farmers start working at sun-up and quit working at sun-down.  Why does it matter what their watches say?  A quick check on Wikipedia shows that the origins of daylight savings is a little more (or less) complicated.  The guy who first proposed it in 1895, G.V. Hudson, wanted more daylight to collect bugs after work!  Another guy who helped implement it in 1905, William Willett, didn’t like his round of golf being cut short at dusk!  Are you kidding me?  This is why we have daylight savings today?!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that it doesn’t get dark until nearly 10pm during the peak of summer.  Why can’t we just leave it like that?  Why do we have to turn our clocks back in the fall?  It’s a little bit ridiculous that it gets dark at 5pm during the peak of winter.  If anything, a ton of money and energy would be saved by not setting clocks back for the winter.  That would be one less hour per day, each Christmas season, that homes would be illuminated all across the land with millions and millions of decorative lights.

Rambling Road: Week Ending 03.10.12
I’ve been a little inconsistent with when I post these Rambling Road posts.  They are meant to be a weekend thing, with links to interesting stuff I’ve come across.  Whether I get to it on the weekend or not depends on my family priorities.  I got up at 5:30am every day this past week to work on blog stuff.  I got up at 5:30 on Saturday as well, but that was to go to work and drive a truck.  I volunteered my services for a short 4-hour run.  Easy money!  I got up at 5:30 today, or so I thought, to go over some e-mails and write this Rambling Road post.  That was when I noticed the time change on my computer and on my phone.  Next thing I know, I’m going around the house changing all the clocks.  I still can’t figure out if I’ve gained or lost an hour in this case.

Since I couldn’t blog Saturday morning, due to going into work, I instead listened to blogging podcasts via my smart-phone while I 18-wheeled down the highway.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with podcasts by BlogcastFM.  I’m learning a great deal by listening to interviews with other bloggers out there who have had all different types of success.  The one I listened to most recently was an interview with Joel Runyon.  Joel runs a site called, The Blog of Impossible Things.  Being a PF blogger, I naturally gravitated to this post of his to read first.. The Surprising Effects of Compound Action.  It was good.  Looking forward to reading more of his blog.

Through a Twitter link, I made it over to Enemy of Debt where I read this post written by Jana.. Improve Your Blog, Improve Your Finances.  I wasn’t aware at first that Enemy of Debt is a site written by several writers who also have their own separate blogs.  Since I liked this post, I headed over to Jana’s site Daily Money Shot.  I read a couple of her posts, and really like her writing style.  Check out:  Unsupportive friends?  Let ‘em go. and also Confession: I don’t understand investing.  The investing post was a little surprising to me, especially the comments, and has given me another good idea for a post of my own.  Add it to my list.

Here are the rest of the links that I enjoyed this week:

This carnival thing is still baffling me a little bit.  I submit to usually 7 or 8 or 9 of them each week, but only receive a few e-mails to let me know that I am included.  I know that some do not include my posts, and others do include but never let me know.  I’m tired of searching around for who included me but didn’t let me know, so I am linking back to only the ones I know about.

Have a great Sunday everyone!  Look forward to some awesome ramblings this week on RamblingFever Money.  A lot of exciting stuff is starting to happen with this blog.  Stay tuned for details!



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