April 2, 2012

Rambling Road: Listening to Podcasts

Country Mile
I have to admit, I am completely obsessed with listening to podcasts.  Since I upgraded to a Droid Razr about a month ago, a whole new world of technology and possibilities has opened up for me.  The 4G streaming through Verizon is incredibly fast, and there are countless apps (outside of iTunes) that make downloading podcasts easier than ever.  I probably listen to four or five hours of podcasts every day, Monday through Friday.  I’m telling you, this is the best way for me to learn.  This is far better than college, in my opinion.  With podcasts, I listen to and learn only what I want.  If something I am listening to sucks, I turn it off. I don’t get tested or graded in order to gauge how well I was paying attention.  And best of all, it’s free!

Educating Myself in a Truck
If not for my full time day job as a trucker, I couldn’t imagine having the time to listen to as many podcasts as I do. To be clear, I am not a long haul trucker, the kind who just sits and drives all day long.  I am a local pick-up and delivery guy, meaning I do several stops every day.  I do have stretches where I drive for an hour or longer, which are the best times for me to listen to podcasts.  Other than that, it’s easy to reach down and push the pause button when I need to get out of the truck to go into a stop.

I am able to stream audio from my Droid into the stereo speakers through the FM transmitter on my Motorola Roadster bluetooth device.  It is awesome!  I hardly listen to regular terrestrial radio anymore.  Even when I do listen to radio, it’s usually a station somewhere across the country via the iHeart Radio app or the TuneIn app.  Even some of the talk radio I listen to isn’t even live anymore.  By listening through archives (if available) you can hear an entire hour’s worth of content in only about 35 minutes.  That’s right!  A typical hour of talk radio has nearly 25 minutes of ads, local news, weather, traffic, etc.

There are several ways to listen to podcasts, whether on your computer or on your mobile device.  You can download, sync or stream through a wide variety of programs or applications.  The most popular format is probably iTunes.  I do not use iTunes, as my mobile device is not an iPod or iPhone.  The two main podcast apps I use on my Droid are Google Listen and BeyondPod.

Podcasts I Listen To
By far, my most listened to podcast is BlogCastFM.  The host and co-founder of this podcast is a self-proclaimed surfing addict named Srinivas Rao.  His podcasts are a series of interviews with successful bloggers and internet marketers.  There are over 200 archived podcasts available to listen to from over the past two years plus!  Lately, I have been listening to three or four of these each day, as they are providing me with a wealth of information on how to be successful in the vast world of blogging.  If you are a blogger, experienced or not-so-experienced, I highly recommend checking out this podcast.

My next favorite podcast, by The Free Financial Advisor, is a brand new publication.  They call it, The Worst of the Free Financial Advisor Podcast, and only their third episode went live today.  This podcast is co-hosted by Average Joe and “The Other Guy.” (OG)  Average Joe formerly worked in the financial services industry, and now brings us a “behind-the-scenes” perspective via his blog and now with this podcast.  My favorite feature of this podcast is something they call the roundtable.  Several personalities, who run their own personal finance blogs, are brought in to discuss money topics in a “roundtable” format.  These personalities include a few who run some of my favorite blogs!  They try to discuss serious stuff, but I’m telling you, these guys are hilarious!

Some of the other podcasts I listen to include, Freakonomics and Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership.  Most recently, I’ve started to further develop my Christianity with religious podcasts such as: Walk In the Word, with pastor James MacDonald.  I also listen to a podcast which features sermons from Resurrection Life Church.  I consider this my “home” church, but rarely attend anymore.  Listening to podcasts is by far the best alternative way to feed my mind with the word of God.

Rambling Road: Two weeks ending 03.31.12
I didn’t get a Rambling Road post done last weekend because my family and I were out of town.  This weekend, I voluntarily “worked” on Saturday for my trucking day job, then spent the rest of the weekend catching up on family time.  So, my links and carnivals for the past two weeks will be a Monday morning post.  I’ve been concentrating on and forcing myself to write before I read, so most of my blog time recently has been focused on just that.  Some of the good stuff I’ve read over the past two weeks though is here:

This last post, by Sam at Financial Samurai, completely contradicts what just about everybody thinks about the Roth IRA.  I disagree with the post, and put in my 2 cents in his comments section.  I am planning on writing an entire post later this week in rebuttal, proving my point with numbers.  I hope my numbers work out!

Last, but not least, Jana from Daily Money Shot started a new blog.  Check out: The Jealousy Files | There's nothing wrong with a little jealousy. As long as it's filed correctly.

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